Acid Erosion Prevention

Erosion is different from tooth decay in that it does not involve bacteria and sugar. Instead acids from some foodstuffs, many drinks or from your own stomach attack the enamel directly. We will check your mouth for signs of erosion, as early detection is important in minimising the damage from acid, and work out a plan to prevent further destruction.


  • Stomach acid – acid reflux, hiatus hernia, chronic indigestion, heartburn, and chronic vomiting due to eating disorders, alcoholism and even pregnancy.
  • Acidic food – citrus fruits, some sweets, chewable vitamin C supplements, vinegar.
  • Acidic Drinks – all fizzy drinks including fizzy water, citrus fruit juices, some alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, lager, cider and most mixers).
  • Some mouthwashes.

Prevention of further loss of tooth structure through acid erosion.

  • Do not clean your teeth for 1 hour after eating or drinking anything acidic. It would be better to clean your teeth before you eat.
  • Use “Tooth Mousse” after eating or drinking anything acidic.
  • Avoid acidic food or drink in between meals.
  • Finish your meal with a piece of cheese or some milk or use Tooth Mousse.
  • Do not swish drinks around your mouth whilst drinking.
  • Avoid acidic food and drinks at bedtime.
  • If acid enters your mouth from your stomach rinse your mouth with water or Milk of Magnesia or apply Tooth Mousse. Do not clean your teeth.

(Tooth Mousse is at present only obtainable from dental practices).


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