Replacing Missing Teeth

Having no teeth or some missing teeth need not mean having no smile. Teeth can be easily replaced with a variety of different dentures either on acrylic (plastic) or metal bases. We use natural looking teeth, which can be crafted to give you a natural looking smile. If you want that little bit extra individually hand made teeth are available.

Maryland adhesive bridges are an easy way to replace a missing tooth at the front of your mouth. A metal wing with the replacement tooth attached to it is simply glued to the back of an adjacent tooth. Conventional bridges are also available where teeth either side of the gap are prepared, a hand crafted porcelain coated bridge is carefully constructed in the laboratory and at a further appointment this is cemented permanently to your teeth.

Dental Implants
Missing teeth can be replaced with implants. A titanium implant is placed under the gum. The bone then integrates around the implant so it becomes fixed. A restoration is then placed on top to give you back a tooth so you can smile, chew and eat with confidence.


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