Tooth Whitening

Whiter teeth. Everybody wants them. And why not? Your smile is the first thing others notice about you. One of the best ways to take years off your appearance is to have your teeth whitened. It’s the simplest, kindest and most affordable way of enhancing your smile. Teeth yellow with age naturally and drinking tea, coffee, colas and smoking can all speed up this process.

You can look and feel years younger by having the stain, that make your teeth darker as you age, erased. Very thin comfortable trays are made to fit snugly over your teeth. A gentle whitening gel is placed inside this and you simply go to bed with it in and it lightens your teeth while you sleep. It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks and the results are long lasting.

Single Dark Tooth Whitening

If you have a single dark tooth we have very simple non-invasive techniques for lightening them to match the rest of your teeth. Even very discoloured non- vital (dead) teeth can be dramatically lightened, simply and easily over a weekend.


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